Social Business Therapy

When you are busy running a social organisation such as a charity or a community interest company, it’s sometimes really difficult to find time to stop and take a look at your organisation, your current position, and what you need to do. It can also be tricky to find someone to talk to about the everyday running of your social business who understands both the ‘social’ and the ‘business’ bits. That’s where Social Business Therapy comes in.

Social Business Therapy is a way of sharing the load, finding some space, and getting some input when and where you need it. The Social Business Therapy Toolkit has been designed to take a snapshot of where your organisation is at, and to provide you with some tools, some resources, and some ideas around taking stock and moving forward.

You can use the toolkit to just take stock and get some feedback, or you can take advantage of a free 30 minute discussion with members of the Sortified team to get some friendly, non-judgemental support, and to see how we can help your social organisation to thrive.

The toolkit itself is easy to use, and it only takes about 15 minutes to complete. It really helps if you are honest in your responses, that way we can target support appropriately and effectively. Remember, the Social Business Therapy Toolkit is completely non judgemental, and completely confidential.

Are you ready to get the input and support you need, if so, click the button below to begin.